System.Data.SqlXmlHelper - calling extended XPath functions from BizTalk Maps#
In this post:
   Methods in the helper class
   Notes on implementation
   Installation Instructions
   Problems with the Script Functoid
   Examples of Usage
   Download the code
   Testing the sample map

I’m not sure if this is actually of any use to anyone but if you do want to use Microsoft's Extended XPath Functions from a BizTalk Map (see my previous post) then I've created a wrapper assembly to do this for you.
Method names are the same as the original functions, but using "_" instead of "-".

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Using Microsoft's Extended XPath functions in BizTalk#
It's not that well documented, but Microsoft have a bunch of extra functions you can use from XPath expressions within XSLT.
You can find the documentation on them here.

What isn't made apparent is that none of them work with XslTransform: a subset of them will work with XslCompiledTransform, and the others only work with MSXML 4.0 onwards.

This becomes obvious if you try and use these functions, or if you read this blog post from the Microsoft XML team on the XslCompiledTransform class.

Being the curious cat I am, I wondered if there was any way to use the functions from within XslTransform - if there was, I figured you could use the functions in a BizTalk Map...

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Understanding the BizTalk Mapper: Download the Article#
If you prefer to do your reading offline, then you can download the entire series of 13 posts as a single 68-page Microsoft Word document, or Adobe PDF document.

Get them here:
     Understanding the BizTalk Mapper.doc (1.2MB)
     Understanding the BizTalk Mapper.pdf (640kB)

Please let me know what you think!
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