Adding Variables to Logic Apps#
The latest Logic Apps refresh, on March 24th 2017, finally added support for variables.

Microsoft have taken an interesting approach with variables: unlike a BizTalk orchestration, where you define variables separately to your workflow, in Logic Apps they're defined in new Variables actions. This means that they're defined inline, similar to how you would define them in source code. There is also a new @variables('variableName') expression that can be used to obtain the value of a named variable.

There are some limitations to variables though...

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Logic Apps Update - March 2017#

The Logic Apps team have been crazy busy this month. In case you missed the latest webcast (link here this is what's new and updated this month – and it's a big list!!! 17 new features in all! Plus, one new region. And 17 new connectors. Here's a look at all of that...

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Azure Enterprise Integration Series - Part 3#

Part 3: Visual Studio and Project Types

As an enterprise integration developer, Azure gives you some new choices. Foremost amongst those is the ability to develop code *outside of Visual Studio*. Whilst that is the norm for most open-source and non-Microsoft technologies (e.g. Python, Ruby, anything developed on a non-Windows PC), for most Microsoft integration developers, developing outside of Visual Studio may take you outside of your comfort zone.

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Azure Enterprise Integration Series - Part 2#

Part 2: Azure Resource Manager Overview

The Azure Resource Manager (ARM for short) is the deployment engine behind Azure. It's actually a whole lot more than that, but let's just start with that. In a nutshell, we can supply it a description of what we want to create (in a JSON file known as an ARM Template) and it will go away and provision all the required resources.

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Azure Enterprise Integration Series - Part 1#

Part 1: Challenges in Enterprise Integration Development in Azure

It's been nearly 9 months now since Logic Apps went GA, and there's starting to be real growth in adoption and usage. We're also seeing a lot more community content, as developers and companies start to see the real benefits of cloud integration and, specifically, the use of Logic Apps.

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Logic Apps Pricing: Consumption Model vs Hourly Model#

In case you missed it, Logic Apps moved to General Availability last week.
At the same time, pricing for Logic Apps gained a new option: Consumption charging i.e. pay by use.
I’ve been talking to a number of clients about this new pricing model, and every single one has expressed concerns: it’s these concerns that I wanted to touch upon in this post...

Wednesday, August 03, 2016 1:27:04 PM (GMT Daylight Time, UTC+01:00) #    Comments [0]  |  Trackback


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